Saturday, May 9, 2009

Slow downloads on BitComet

Problem: Slow downloading of files thru BitComet. Solution: Listening port was being blocked. Instructions: Launch BitComet and pull up the 'options' menu, first tab should be 'connections'. On that panel you should see an option for listening port, click on random and write down the number listed. Close out of BitComet. Pull up the 'control panel', and click on 'network and internet connections', then 'Windows firewall' and go to the 'exceptions' tab, click on the 'add port' button, under TCP add the number you wrote down, then do the same thing for UDP. Close out of the firewall, and pull up a browser. Type in (netgear in this case, might be different for other routers) will pull up the login, if router hasn't been configured, the username should be 'admin' and password should be 'password'. change the local settings to the number written down for both tcp and udp and you should be set.


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