Sunday, June 14, 2009

Submarines: Galley Gold,$147,000/yr ?!?!?!

I’m definitely in the wrong line of business. Course I was always planning on becoming an aussie, so maybe there is hope yet.

From the Strategy Page:

“June 9, 2009: Yet another shocking revelation about the Australian submarine force is the fact that the cooks onboard these boats make more (about $160,000 a year) than some admirals. It's all about morale, which is very important on submarines. A major component of good morale in all navies is the food, and this is particularly true on submarines. Australia's booming economy has created a shortage of skilled personnel. Being able to produce good food in the crowded confines of a submarine galley requires a skilled chef with excellent organizational skills, and the ability to master basic skills required of all who serve on a sub. Turns out that there are not many men in Australia who possess this skill set. Thus while basic pay for a navy cook is $47,000, it grows quickly once you add the bonuses for being at sea, in a submarine, and hard to recruit. There are three cooks on each sub.”

Rest of the story here:

Submarines: Galley Gold



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